I want you all to know that when I use anywho, I do it on purpose. Just FYI. I’m more than a stickler for good spelling, but I’m all about regional expressions. Thus, I use both “anyhow” and “anywho.” Just keep it in mind.

Rafting was a lot of fun. We did class three and class four rapids. It was a two day, one night trip. Both days involved several hours of driving though mountain roads, made possibly even more difficult by our full bellies and tiredness.

The rafting experience itself was uneventful, apart from the gigantic rapids which tossed and turned our little inflatible dingy. We had three guides with us, who constantly reiterated how important it is to stay in the boat and hang on to your paddle. We obeyed, cluthcing our paddles and taking care to keep our gringo behinds in the boat. But by the end of the second day, one guide had fallen out and another had to fish out his paddle.

We stayed in a posada owned by a couple that reminded me of Lucy Kruesel’s parents, for those of you who know who they are. The husband spoke French, Spanish, and enough English to get his point across. He was exceptionally proud of some little bag of dry pasta, which was evident only because he showed it off not only at dinner (when we had spaghetti) but also at breakfast the next morning. The mistress of the house was also very kind and helpful, and was a terrific cook.

A good weekend, topped off with a good dinner upon arrival home. I didn’t bring my camera with me for fear of having to take all of my belongings in the raft, but as it turned out my fear was unfounded. I did have a good time, anywho.