So, Thursday was sort of a fun day. I made some brownies in my free time between classes, which despite all my worrying still turned out pretty good. These, like my cookies that I had made earlier, turned out tough in the end. I think it’s because the sugar melts at a lower point here or something, or maybe more of the water from inside the baked good boils out of it. Anyway, before I do any recipe swaps with Espy I’ll have to see if I can figure out this whole alititude adjustment thing.

Anywho, here’s how the brownies turned out. I forgot that I had a make-up class scheduled for today, but I managed to get there on time anyway. I also paid for the rafting trip we’re taking this weekend, so you’ll be hearing about that on Monday. I also bought myself a bright orange camping backpack for a decent price (compared to the states) which will get its maiden voyage this weekend. I hope it floats.

Anyhow, here’s those brownies. They taste pretty good even though they don’t necesarily come out of the pan with the greatest of ease. But how could they not taste great when one pan of brownies calls for three cups of sugar and a bottle of chocolate syrup?