Umm, when I wrote this, it was Thursday. Yesterday (So Wednesday) I did a wire transfer of some money from my bank in the states over here, but since the transfers take a while I was unable to get the money before the banks here closed. That being said, apparently Venezuelan banks close at 3:30. Who knew? In my mind, that explains a lot about why there’s always lines out the door at every bank in Merida.

The only problem was that I needed to pay for the airline tickets for Peru and back (Wednesday) yesterday, which meant that I ended up taking out huge loans from some of my friends – under the promise that they would get paid back in full as soon as this money came through. It was an uneasy feeling, but I’m glad we got it taken care of.

I’ve been forgetful about these head pictures lately, and I’ve been having to do this updates later and later in the day each time. So, finally I’ve thought enough ahead to take this picture before it gets dark out. Without much further adieu, my head.