So, I hope you’ve all been patiently awaiting tomorrow’s hair update. I know that I have. I felt that I couldn’t jam pack that one with quite as many crazy events as I had initially planned, so this is my WEDNESDAY EMERGENCY UPDATE!

The other day I got my grade for film class. I wasn’t expecting any sort of a mid-quater update, so I was pleasantly surprised when the opportunity arose to check my grade. Class was getting out early, because the teacher had to leave early to go to the doctor. When I was handed this report card, I was flabbergasted.

Not only had I been a good enough student to get a 90% in this class so far, but I had also been special enough to receive a corner piece! Isn’t that great?! This piece of paper is roughly the size of my thumbnail, but I wasn’t too upset. Some of my fellow students didn’t even get a piece of paper with one straight edge. Mine had TWO.

Today’s Children’s Literature class was excellent. We spent a little under two hours doing things like painting, glueing, coloring, cutting, pasting, etc. This my final product. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so proud.

Finally, Andy and I paid for our trips to Peru today. I tried to get my flights to the States pushed back to a later date, but due to someone having an unfortunate accident with a coffee grinder (I’m serious) I have to wait a little while longer.

Speaking of paying for stuff, this was how many bills it took to buy us all of our flights to and from Peru.