Yesterday I went to the mountains. I went with two sisters, Elizabet and Kayla, and their “brother,” Lankins. It was a wonderful experience, to say the least. We spent some time at Pico Aguila, which is one of the highest points in Merida, and then we went to a national park called the Paramo, and finally ate a Venezuelan lunch at an adorable little posada complete with a great view of the rest of the mountainside, and their very own horse in the backyard.

Yesterday I made a joke in Spanish about not needing a lawnmower if you have a horse. I thought it was pretty good that I figured out how to say that. Really, the hardest word was lawnmower, just fyi.

My host family also went up into the mountains this weekend, meaning that I ended up with an apartment in Venezuela to myself for the weekend. My host mom was thoughtful and left me plenty of left-overs, so that way I don’t have to worry too much about food at all.

Although I have plenty of food, I took a trip to the supermarket today in hopes of finding all the ingredients to make my father’s recipe for “killer brownies.” Unfortunately, none of the employees I asked had any freakin’ clue where I could find chocolate syrup, so the quest shall continue into next week.

I have plenty of pictures to show from the trip yesterday, but I also have plenty of homework. Thus, my flickr account may just have to wait until I’m a bit more productive before it gets updated. Anyway, here’s a little something for you – Again, I know the effect is cheesy, but I did it by myself, okay?