Today after my Children’s Lit. test I decided to take the time to go hit up some travel agencies and comparison shop rafting trips. Later I walked the roundabout way back to my place, bought some cookies, and wound up browsing through a bookstore looking for, what else, books in Spanish.

My thoughts in the bookstore originally were, “get a book from a famous South American author. Yeah, that’s the ticket!” This eventually changed to, “Well, that Noam Chomsky looks mighty interesting.” Which after about 10 mintues deliberation, devolved into, “Well… I probably would have a difficult time fully understanding his book in English.”

After gravitating towards the Harry Potter display twice like a moth to lamplight, I also rejected the notion that this book would somehow improve my Spanish.

***Here’s a little aside – In Spanish, a library is called “La Biblioteca.” This would more or less fit right along side English with the prefix “Biblio” – coming from the Latin and winding up in our language in words such as “bibliophile” and “Bible.” However, a store that sells books is called a “Libreria,” obviously quite similar to our word, “Library.” This makes even less sense when you consider that the root-word “Libre-” means “free.” Spanish is crazy.

In the end, I found a book that looked to be my level, by an author who (unbeknownst to be) turned out to be a relatively famous post-modern Spanish author. It’s a collection for Short stories of suspense, written by Cristina Ferandez Cubas. I’ll let you know how it goes.