Last night we celebrated Antoni’s birthday. He and I and several other folks went to a bar called Poco Loco, where I tried to request our song, “Hip Hop Hooray.” My fellow Venezolana economics buddy Elizabet helped me request it because she knew that it would get done a lot faster if she helped. We requested it around 11, but they still hadn’t put it on by the time I left at 1:45.

I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. I meant to go home earlier, but we were having fun dancing and all, and I didn’t think it was appropriate to just leave Antoni’s birthday celebration super early. We had originally set out to meet at the base of the teleferico at 7 o’clock sharp. After everyone had decided to go out, the time got pushed back to 8.

The teleferico is the world’s longest cable car system. It has four stops and costs about 27 dollars if you’re using the official exchange rate. Our decision to go at this time of year was based on the general knowledge that there are two tourist seasons and two “slow” seasons in Merida. We had thought that the price would drop during the slow season (after Sept. 15), which is what we had been told by nearly everyone that we had talked to about it. We waited with bated breath until the tourist season was over, hoping to get a better rate. Unfortunately, all that we ended up getting was the short end of the stick early this morning, as the teleferico is closed for a month in between the tourist and slow seasons for repairs and maintenance.

We took it in stride and went to a cafe and got ourselves a coffee and a pastry, where we chatted away most of the morning for which we begrudgingly woke up so early. After taking a long nap, snapping some pictures and updating my flickr account, I’ve done almost everything I needed to do today except my homework.

Anyway, the new pics on flickr aren’t as cool as the ones I wanted to be posting today, but hopefully I’ll get to ride the teleferico sooner or later.