Last night, I got a message from a being far more Intelligent than myself.

She said, “Post a picture of what your head looks like on Thursday.”

To which I replied “Just this Thursday?”

“No,” said the majestic benevolent voice as she spoke again, “Every Thursday.”

Here I am posting a picture of my head, as it looked at 1:30 local time today. In accordance with the voice, I shall be posting picture of my head each Thursday, every Thursday, unless I forget. So, without further adieu, I give you…

My Head.

For those who don’t know a good wink when they see it, look out! Here comes a winker.

And with that; Happy Thursday, all! I’m going to be adding some pictures to my flickr acocunt [sic] (this should say account. Thanks for the heads up. – Fox) today. So if you get a chance to click over there, I’ll advise you to check it out.