Even though the final batch of cookies ended up being more or less cemented to the baking sheet, they turned out pretty darned tasty. I would change a few things if I made them again; first, I would put a little bit less sugar in there. They could’ve used a touch more baking soda and a tad hotter of a cooking temperature, but they looked, smelled, and tasted like cookies when all was said and done. I felt pretty proud of myself, needless to say. Anyway, he’s some pictures I snapped of them before they all mysteriously disappeared in less than two hours.

This is the plate I put ’em on. They ended up sort of shiny and crunchy, which I’m amounting to the extra sugar because I used a high altitude recipe.

I find this next picture pretty funny. Not such a great picture of anything except the table behind everything I wanted to take a picture of. It’s all good, because it’s taken in Venezuela.

Peace, and happy cookies!