Wednesday’s are my slow days, so I’m cooking up a batch o’ chocolate chip cookies! I’m hoping all will go according to plan, but we’ll have to see. My family doesn’t really have measuring cups, so I think the only thing that I for sure got right was the two eggs we added. So far, they seem to be turning out just fine, maybe a little short on Baking soda, but as long as they taste great, I’m fine with it.

In case you folks didn’t notice, there’s a little group of photos on the right side bar just above the “archive” section, which will take you to my photos on my flickr page. Just wanted to give a quick heads up about it, in case you saw it and were wondering what it was.I had a crazy dream this morning that when I got up, my roommate was trying to convince me that today was Thursday, and that I didn’t get to sleep in. He still claims that he tried nothing of the sort. Since I talk in my sleep, I apparently told him to “Go take a shower, you bastard!” This started a whole string of back and forth insults, all of which amounted to me being steamroller-ed by my roommate on his way out the door this morning.

I’ve made the executive decision that I need to start more random conversations with folks around here to use my Spanish more. Lately I find myself trying to slip in English words into my Spanish conversations, in order to rectify this I’m trying to broaden my comfort zone.

Anywho, I gotta check on those cookies. I’ll let you know how they turn out.