We get it on most every night
When that old moon gets so big and bright
It’s a supernatural delight
Everybody was dancin’ in the moonlight

Everybody here is out of sight
They don’t bark, and they don’t bite
They keep things loose, they keep things light
Everybody was dancin’ in the moonlight

Had this song running through my head. I know it’s Mo-town and all, but who can argue with a feel good tune from yesteryear? Not me, said the bee.

Yesterday and today have been slow in comparison with Friday’s trip. It wasn’t like I didn’t do anything, but most of it involved staying in the apartment with my host family. I won a game of poker against some Venezuelans, had a good long talk with my host mom, got a chance to do some journaling, that type of thing.

As of tonight, Minnesota and Venezuela will only be a half an hour apart instead of the usual hour, due to a new policy to make sure the poor school children have plenty of time to make it to class. I’m not sure how true that is, but you can read about it in the article on Reuters.

Other than that, I’ve been doing some homework and trying my hardest to stay on task. I’ve finally decided to start taking some initiative on planning my trips around Venezuela, so this way I can have actual plans for my weekend travels instead of just winging them.