Today, I ran out of money.

Sure, I had a supply of cash in US bills, but no Bolivares. It was a bummer. I did a fair bit of walking because I didn’t have any money for the bus, but it was good to get some exercise again. It was my monday night activites, in the end, that bankrupted me.

Last night I went out with some of “my fellow Americans” to a Sushi bar. A fellow from our group named Jack picked out that the owners were actually Chinese and chatted them up with the little bit of Mandarin he picked up while he had studied abroad a few years ago.

My roommate Andy heard about this place upon recommendation from his sister, and who had also said we had to meet a waiter there named Carlos. Sure enough, our waiter was Carlos – the very same. We all had a good time, he spoke plenty of English and we US Americans ordered our Japanese food in Spanglish. It was exactly the experience I wanted.

After some warm sake and good conversation, the food arrived. I’m no conniseur or anything, but that was some darn good sushi. I highly recommend Unagi, and apparently Caterpillar roll is something of a standard. Both were highly delicious. The enitre meal (including the sushi, sake, and miso soup) cost me about 40,000 Bolivares, which is under 17 bucks including tax and tip. You just can’t do dinner for that in the states.

In other news, I’ve been voted boat captain for Sailing Club at the U next year, so thanks to everyone who responded to the survey.

Tomorrow I’ll only have class in the afternoon, so for all of you that are working Wednesday morning, no worries. I’ll be sleeping in for you.