Throughout the course of my day, I probably checked my own blog for updates at least twice. I don’t know why. You’d think I’d be smart enough to realize that the only guy that’s going to be updating this would be me. Part of my problem is that I really want to hear about what’s been going on in the states while I’ve been gone. Nevertheless, I guess I just have to check my blog all the time just to see if anything that happened during my day was worth me writing about.

Tonight was “American Cooking Night” at VENUSA. I thought that this would involve some actual cooking, but instead was simply eating hotdogs, condimented Venezuelan style. For those of you who’ve ever put potato chips on a sandwich to give it a little crunch, I invite you to try some US food Venezuelan style. My hot dog tonight had tiny little fried potato chips (think like French’s (r) fried onions), coleslaw, mustard, mayo, and ketchup. It wasn’t terrible, believe it or not.

I had a good discussion with my friend Marlyn (Mar-leen) who helped me make corrections on my paper describing my favorite place for my spanish class. She’s a medical student who’ll begin her second year sometime in October. She’s pretty rockin’ at english, so for the most part we just spoke english the whole time.

I was later approached by a fellow Venezuelan econ major, Elizabet (no ‘h’ on purpose), who was assigned to read a book in english for her econ class. She had me write a list of all the economics terms I could think of and explain them the best I could in spanish. I thought I did okay, especially when trying to explain the ideas behind some of the more complicated concepts like economies of scale. She had a bunch of questions about Macroeconomics which I could not answer, but I figured that somewhere along the road of life there would be someone else who could fill in the gaps in the swiss cheese-d knowledge which I imparted to her.

Life in general here has a fast paced flow. I often find myself at “Venezuelan Friday” before I know it. My roommate, our host sister Daniela, and I made lunch for the family today. The family thought it would be cool to crack a bottle of Chilean wine, so we had ourselves a nice little lunch of chicken cordon bleu, sesame green beans, and rice with veggies today.

Okay. Some of us have classes in the morning. I miss you all. I know our relationships are a little different while I’m here, but thank you for keeping in touch with me when you can. Goodnight.