Okay, so here’s the dealy-o about last weekend. I got up at 5 am on Saturday morning and headed out with eight of my closest friends to see some lightning phenomenon at a place called Catatumbo. We took the bus to a place called Santa Barbara and arrived around 8:30 in the morning. We caught what we thought was supposed to be our next bus (it was actually a van) and started on what we thought would be a several hour long ride to Catatumbo. Ten minutes into the trip, the driver tells us in spanish “it’s about 20 minutes from here.” He also informs us that there are only two ways to get there, taking a bus which passes mighty close to the Colombian border, or by a boat in the town he was taking us to. We were all quite confused by our half understanding, which wasn’t clarified much when he explained to us that he was “speaking as clearly as a rooster.” So after much adieu about nothing, we headed for Puerto Concha to catch ourselves a boat to the lightning lake.

After being appraoched by a boat driver and finally agreeing on a price, we hit the river for the 2+ hour ride to Catatumbo… only we didn’t finish end our trip there. As it turns out, the lanchero (boat driver) figured we wouldn’t know the difference between his place literally in the middle of nowhere and the village we wanted to go to (also in the middle of nowhere). After telling him off, he brought us back to Puerto Concha to get ourselves another ride out there.

Finally, at about noon we got ourselves some honest guys to take us to the pueblo of Catatumbo. We spent some time on the beach taking pictures of the local kids, and the lancheros made us a fish and plantain dinner. Afterwards, we took a short little trip over to our posada. A posada is something like a cross between a guest house and a hostel, but they can vary greatly in the quality and services they offer. This one in particular was merely a large open room with a heavy steel door, cement walls, and cement floors. No one knew we needed to bring our own hammocks, so we ended up sleeping on the floor on our towels.

As far as this whole perpetual lightning thing goes, it seemed a bit disappointing. It was like expecting to tour all of the Disney theme parks and only riding spaceship earth. I heard from some of the lighter sleepers that we got a spectacular show while the rest of us were sleeping, but as it had been such an early morning, most of us were dreaming before 11 pm.

All in all it was a great trip, and everyone made it back alive – which is probably the most important thing of all. The other thing I need to mention is that I’ve been working on a flickr account so that I can share my pictures with you a little easier than on this blog. It’s a work in progress, and I’m not sure how to link flickr on here so that it’s accessible to everyone. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to shoot me an email or a comment.

Now, off to homework!