After much adieu, my plans for the weekend have finalized. I’ll start by telling it this way…

What does Venezuela have that no other country in the world has?

Baby Venezuelas!

Just kidding, the real answer is a weird phenomenon where it lightnings CONSTANTLY near lake Maracaibo. The phenomenon is called Catatumbo, or something along those lines. The town we’re going to is called Puerto Concha, and we’ve got a few options as to where we’ll be staying. The location of where we’ll be spending the two nights there has yet to be decided, but that’ll be part of the adventure, I guess. We’re headed out in a pretty big group, so it was a little bit of a predicament when we were told we had to bring all our own food. Since we may not have a refridgerator or a kitchen, our choice of vittles ended up being somewhat limited (but we have 2 loaves of bread of entirely different styles). We got it all packed up and ready to go, so we’ll head down to the bus station before 5. Then we’ll catch our buseta outta here at 5:30 for the gruellingly long ride to Santa Barbara, and finally to Puerto Concha from there.

We’ll see how the trip goes, and I’ll be writing about it when I get back. I love getting news from home, by the way. Let’s keep it coming.