You know you’re getting comfortable in a new place when it’s been a few days now and you’re having trouble thinking about what to write about. At least everyone back at home’s been great about sending me emails.

The one exciting thing that I’ve been witnessing all week is extreme action. I’m not just talking about gliding around with a parachute on your back or anything; I mean riding on top of a truck, overtaking the driver, and after driving your big-rig for a while deciding to disable a harrier jet. That’s action right there. All as performed by Bruce Willis in “Live Free or Die Hard.” I tried to figure out how I would say the film title in spanish, but the best I could come up with was something along the lines of “Live with Liberty or Die with Dificulty.” It seems to me that my version wouldn’t sell very well. I guess I’m still working on my schtick as an international merchandizing executive.

Cotton Swabs! Those are mighty exciting. My roommate and I finally caved and decided to get ourselves a pack of those little buggers. Whoo, Doctor Beaty would not have been pleased with what was in those guys. I think I saw Bugs Bunny attached to one of the ends of the cotton-y tips.

I’ve been trying to get some plans organized for the weekend, but my luck’s been thin so far. Our fellow student Jack just got his own place here in Merida, so we had a small gathering to welcome him into his new place just tonight. It was pretty far away from where my roommate and I are living, but it’s all good – taxis are cheap.

With a little bit of luck, I’ll finally get to go out and dance like I’ve been itching to do for a while now. It’s a bit tricky, because a lot of my US friends here don’t seem to be into dancing as much as me. But, tomorrow I should be headed out with a small group of Venezuelans, so let’s hope they won’t mind a little two step.

Thanks for sticking with me, I appreciate the support.