So… got my unliscened copy of Microsoft Word (c) to switch to it’s Venezuelan Spanish dictionary. The next step is to get that thang liscenced, but you know – one step at a time. Still feeling a bit under the weather with this weird respiratory infection thing I’ve had going on lately.

Today in my children’s lit class we were asked to describe our first memory to “the class” – which is actually just another student and the profesora. I couldn’t think of a fake first memory in the amount of time that “Sarah” effortlessly recited hers, so I went with what I had. I explained in broken spanish that my first memory was the very first time my ear drum ruptured, and the following trip to the ER. I didn’t really have the words for ‘woke up screaming,’ ‘cried the whole way,’ or even ‘dropped my 101 dalmations stuffed animal in a puddle on my way in,’ (the dalmation was ‘Patch’ by the way) but somehow I did manage to get the point across that the best part about the whole experience was the technicolor fruit-roll-up that I ate afterwards. All and all it was a humbling experience to share that with “the class.”

It seems that for me, this children’s lit. class is all about humility. Reading aloud in another language is an experience I’d rather not repeat more than absolutely necessary. But, every time she gets the chance, La Profesora loves to request that we read “en voz alta.” After stammering through the first several pages as if I am a one of the four to six year olds for which these titles were written, the three of us in the classroom concede that it’s best if I read as few pages as possible.

It’s not pretty. Really.