Okay, I know that it’s been a while since you’ve seen anything from me, but let me tell ya, I’ve been busy. Let’s start with the bad news first, shall we? Okay.

I’m pretty darn sick.

We’re not sure if it’s parasites or what, but we’re on the fast track to finding out. Esperanza, my host mom, had her brother and his family over for lunch today. After sleeping through the whole first half of the day, I woke up to a whole lot of spanish speaking voices outside my bedroom door. After hesitantly taking a little bit of lunch to eat, my mom’s sister in law asked me what was wrong, and after listening patiently (it takes me a while to get everything conjugated) she told Esperanza that the best cure was limes. I thought that it might be like tea, you know, limes and hot water, but nope… it was the juice of two limes, that I had to do like a shot. That was about 1 oclock local time. Apparently, I’m supposed to drink a total of 5 more limes today, and then we’ll see if I have dead parasites in my stool, because they’ll be dead from all the freakin’ lime juice.

Okay, that’s the bad news. the good news is that I haven’t died yet. Just kidding. More to come when I’m feeling up to it. Thanks for sticking with me.