After my second dose of lime juice, things seemed to have calmed down enough for me to function again. Now, on to the fun stuff.

My friend Antoni (who is really everyone’s friend Antoni – because he soooo nice) and I have returned twice now to sample more of the famed flavors at Heladeria Coromoto. After much deliberation, I ended up with Coca-Cola, koko krispis, roses, and shrimp with wine. Antoni was not so lucky. We thought that chipi-chipi would have some kind of chocolate chips in it, but that just goes to show that you can’t ever trust cognates. As it turns out, chipi-chipi was sardines – but they paired pretty well with the tuna flavor he ordered.

Other than eating obscure ice cream flavors, I’ve been keeping busy at classes. I’ve been having a little trouble picking up the books I ordered, so I might have to go to one of the ubiquitous photocopy places around here and get just the stuff I need for my homework.

A bunch of the students in my group are going paragliding this Sunday. I decided yesterday that I would calmly say “I’ll pass. Thanks though.”

Speaking of crazy things happening, it has been raining like hell the past two nights. Here they call it “palo de agua” which translates to something like “water strike.” It’s been real nuts. On Wednesday, which was Venezuelan cooking night at VENUSA, we lost power for a while and cooked our arepas in the dark.

The following day, I had class during the nightfall, when it rains the hardest. A classmate of mine, Jack, happened to be looking out the window when a bolt of lightning struck the ground in the park across the street from our building. We all took a moment to catch our breath after that one.

Of course, to say that it simply “rains a lot” here isn’t doing reality any justice. There are no gutters here, and most of the streets here are on slopes that resemble black diamonds at a top-notch ski resort. This interesting oversight in city planning has lead to massive fast moving rivers flowing down every avenue throughout Merida. What’s more, everyone that drives here has a penchant for splashing. I don’t know if it’s just a Gringo thing, or if everyone is victim to it, but it doesn’t matter if you’ve got an umbrella and a raincoat, you’re going to get wet – period.

I haven’t been updating a lot, so I’ve got a lot to say. If you haven’t check out the above pictures yet, that might be a cool thing to do.