Today I was waiting with my roommate for the buseta. I had my first day of class on Thursday, but my roommate didn’t get here till Friday night. We were all set for a wait, when suddenly my teacher and her husband rolled up and offered us a ride, saying only “Get in” in english. Knowing she was my teacher, and also headed to class, I got in the car without another word. As I turned back to look, I saw a look halfway between sheer horror and complete confusion. It wasn’t until I had successfully lured him into the car that I had realized that to him, we had just been kidnapped.

I didn’t even bother with spanish. I told him straight out, we had in fact, been kidnapped.

Just kidding. I told him she was my teacher. Less funny, though – right?


Anyway, we got to school just fine, and the rest of the day seemed to pass without event. That is, until that evening before dinner. I had just bought a little pre-dinner-dessert appetizer in the plaza. No sooner than one minute ago I had sat down and commenced eating my “bomba” when somebody once again reminded me that I look like Harry Potter. What a country.