My roommate and I went out to buy soap and laundry detergent today. It comes in bags here. They have a few different scents than we’re used to in the US, so after a few minutes of debate, we both agreed that we would prefer our clothes not to smell like limes.

Yesterday we went on a big ol’ excursion and saw some more of Merida that I had yet to visit. It wasn’t too bad at all. We topped it off with a visit to an ice cream parlor which has the “Record Guinness” for having the most flavors. We all got some weird flavors, but I thought that they had a pretty tasty rum and raisin – With REAL RAISINS!

These are my notebooks for school. Cool, huh? I thought so. In case you can’t tell, they’ve got big honkin’ jeeps on them. On the windshield, each jeep says “Big Fun Race 4 x 4.” Isn’t that great?! The background is my bedspread, just in case you’re keeping track at home.

All kick ass notebooks aside, we went to a grand cathedral the other day, near the big plaza here, Plaza Bolivar. Since I didn’t remember to bring my camera, I promised myself I’d take pictures of it before I return home. Outside of the church, there were two mimes. Sort of living statue kind of guys, one was a ninja, the other a saint dressed in white.

Anyhow, a kid slips the ninja a few Bolivares, and the mime goes in for a handshake and a fist pound. The kid takes the handshake, but turns around and runs back to his mom before the ninja gets to the fist pound. Meanwhile, Emily (a chica from U of M) aturns to me and says… “You never leave a mime hangin’; that’s rule number one.”

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