Tomorrow I will be leaving Minneapolis and should find myself (if all goes well) in Miami, Florida. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Florida, that’s in the United States, and not in Venezuela- right?” And if you are thinking that, you are indeed correct. Sunday and Monday I’ll be wrangling more aircraft around the Caribbean Sea than Scott Bakula in the pilot episode of Quantum Leap.

Don’t worry though – unlike Scott Bakula, I won’t be breaking any sound barriers or manning planes with boiling fuel. No sir, I’ve made sure that all my liquids and assorted slimy things tucked securely away in my 1 quart zip-top baggie.

I guess not much has changed since my last update. There have been various going away dinners and parties and such, but the only permanent change that has occurred has been the large numbers of crossed out lists now plaguing my travel notebook.

Thanks to you all for your kindness, and my next update should mean I’ve finally arrived.